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I see myself as a collaborator first; I bring value to teams by fostering a user-centered approach across disciplines. I know the benefit of getting ideas in front of users and designing products with user input to ensure we build toward the most impactful solutions. Some ideas need to be de-risked early and rough, while others need to be a flushed-out, detailed vision to prove an idea that comes from seeing what a future vision might be like. I am here for the whole spectrum.

Design projects have many phases, and the double diamond is not always an accurate timeline. I have learned to be flexible throughout projects with an eye toward quality, user perception, and measurable metrics to stay on course.

I have worked in various industries with multiple brands and company sizes, each with challenges and rewards. I genuinely love my users. Combining this with a ton of natural empathy, a human-centered design toolkit, and 10+ years of experience, I help teams build products their users will love.

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Starting as a UX designer in 2009, I have worn many hats in design and product development. I have worked in various industries and used various design tools, software, and well researched human centered methodologies.

Industries worked




Supply chain management

Cloud operations

Space exploration

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